What’s Happening?



During February, all members can participate in the “2018 Virtual Olympics.” Our Club and members will be competing with others around the country in events, such as reading comprehension, meter dashes, and world exploration projects. Many activities will also count in the Color Wars.


Healthy Snacks

In addition to the free snack already provided each day, one day a week, members who are extra hungry (or picky) can take part in Healthy Snacks. Members will discover how to make healthy choices then make and eat a healthy snack. Yum!


Multiplication Wars

Some of our 3rd-5th grade members are signed up for Multiplication Wars where they can test their mastery of basic multiplication facts. This month, there will be a tie-in to the Olympics, so fact pages for younger members will be available.

 What Happened?



~Wyatt London did a great job implementing the   program called “Creative Coding.” While no computers were used, members learned and explored basic coding ideas and worked with binary code.


~Nothing2Do uploaded new videos. The channel now has about 6,000 views and 66 subscribers. The    members who participate check often to see if they have comments, likes, and new subscribers. If you have an account, please leave them a positive comment, like a video, and especially subscribe to their channel.


~Nick Comer, PJ Reehling, and their team of coaches have done a great job during the “round robin” style games. The athletes are growing in their skills


Special Notes


Basketball Program:

February 3rd, 10th, and a make up on the 17th

Team practices and games


 Inclement Weather


If Tipton Community School Corporation or   Tri-Central Community Schools dismiss early, the Boys & Girls Club will be open early. If Tipton  Community School Corporation is closed, the Boys & Girls Club will also be closed.



**Teen Scene will be on February 16th. Please sign up and pay $5 to save your spot to see “Black Panther” in Kokomo.


~Keystone Club has started work on their National Project! They are working on a documentary-type video that examines how society views and treats those with disabilities and diseases, especially those that you may not be able to “see,” like autism.

Stay tuned to hear how their project is coming along, about fundraisers for the project, and how you might get involved.