New This Year!


~21st Century Community Learning Center: Partnering with Tipton and Tri-Central Elementary Schools to promote academic enrichment and meet State standards in reading and math.


~Special Out of School Hours: During days such as Fall Break, all members who will attend must be pre-registered and pre-paid ($5 for a child or $10 for a family).


~Donations: Every member that makes an $8 donation to the Boys & Girls Club will receive a tee shirt. See the front counter attendant to make your donation.


~TEEN SPECIAL: We are welcoming all members 6th grade and above to participate in “The Club.” Members this age will only be charged a membership fee of $25. They are invited to participate in Teen Scene (special trips); Keystone Club (a character and leadership program);   volunteer opportunities; Teen Room (a special room for members where they can access homework help, internet, and space away from younger members); and more Welcome to “The Club!”


Instructional Basketball League!!!



about this exciting

new opportunity

will be available this September.


Special Dates


August 4th:

All memberships are expired!!! Members must be registered and paid or enrolled in a payment plan to       attend.


August 14th:

Back to School Programming Begins! We will offer programs, such as Pork Festival Parade Preparation and YouTubers.


September 4th:



September 5th:

Regular School Year Programming begins



~The directors and staff at the

Boys & Girls Club of Tipton County