May our eyes be deceiving us? May we be wrong? May is here! With that, comes our last week of After School programs for this school year and the start of summer. On the reverse of this newsletter, you will find a calendar for after school programs in May. If you would like the June calendar and information about Summer Day Camp and Afternoon Programming, check the Information Table and Facebook page: Tipton Boys & Girls Club. We will once again be offering two “tracks” of camp to meet the interests and abilities of different campers. We hope to make 2017 the GREATest year of camp yet!


Let’s not get too ahead though. We still have a month of after school full of GREAT programming. Some of our usual programs will remain on the calendar, such as Beautiful You and Real Steel; Kids 4 Kindness; Cooking Club; and YouTubers. Some days will offer special-themed programs, such as Star Wars on May 4th; Drama; and Cinco de Mayo.


Last month, the members who have been participating in our Coding Program moved on to some basic Robotics. Two teams faced off to program their “robot” through the course successfully. The Yearbook Club finished working on the 2016-2017 yearbook, Volume 3. Details about how to order a yearbook will become available in the near future. Members also got on their feet to move and groove in Sing & Dance.


Last month, we also kicked off our new Food Program, where we offer a free snack every day. With this program, ALL members are eligible to take the free snack, even if they are planning on also spending money at the snack bar that day as well. Each day, the snack is usually two food items or one food item and juice. The snacks are all healthy snack options, and we will be offering this the rest of the school year.


Many members have been taking advantage of the homework room, which is a GREAT way to finish the school year strong. Members can earn a ticket to go towards prizes. This month, the members can once again spend tickets at our Ice Cream Sundae Bar Prize Shop on May 23rd.


Our members in 6th grade and above have continued using the Teen Room each day to work on homework and spend time away from younger members. The May Teen Scene should be GREAT, as members can sign up to attend Sky Zone. This will be after Tipton students are already out of school on May 25th.


Please make sure to take note of special dates when the Club is open all day, when we are closed, and when we begin Summer Programming. We are open 7:30-5:30 on Wednesday May 24th; closed May 25th through Monday May 29th; and will begin Summer Day Camp 2017 on Tuesday May 30th. As a reminder, our Summer Afternoon Programs are open to ALL 2016-2017 members at no extra fee.


Thank you again to all those who helped us provide a safe and positive environment for members this school year. From pans donated to our kitchen on up, we appreciate it all. Without such GREAT support from the community, the Boys & Girls Club would not be able to offer all that we do. Thank you.


One last reminder that we strive keep in mind and make true: Great Futures Start Here!!!


Thanks- The Directors and Staff of the Boys & Girls Club of Tipton County