In like a lion, and out like a lamb, welcome to March. With the possibility of “lion-like” weather, please note our Inclement Weather Policy: If Tipton Community School Corporation is closed due to weather, the Boys & Girls Club will also be closed. If TCSC closes early, the Club will be open upon dismissal. Besides the newsletter and calendar, you can also get information from and stay up to date by looking at our Facebook page (Tipton Boys & Girls Club). It is a great way to see photos and posts about what your member is up to each week. In the coming weeks, check out our Information Table and Facebook page for initial information on Summer Programming.


Last month, was full of fun! The Kids 4 Kindness wrapped up their fundraiser “Have a Heart.” The blue hearts greatly outnumber the pink ones, meaning the male staff were supposed to dress up like girls. However, in the spirit of generosity and fun, the female staff also dressed up like boys. The staff understand that when working with kids, it’s important to be silly and have fun. The Pokemon Club met last month, and for members who love Pokemon, it was fun. Members designed their own cards, made Pokemon origami, visited the library to earn badges, and competed in Real Life Pokemon Go. “Professor Wyatt” did a great job with his first program. In STEM (our science program), members learned about being engineers while building and testing bridges and learned what being a laboratory researcher is while testing different materials in egg drops. Like STEM, many of our programs are fun with a purpose.


This month, we will continue with some programs, like Cooking, K4K, and Great Futures. A new program this year is WWE. No, it’s not a program about wrestling. WWE stands for World Wide Explorers, and members who participate will research and make projects over different cultures around the world. Last year, members showcased their work in a Culture Fair. Another way members can learn about different cultures is by attending Cooking Club, where this month the cooking crew will make culture cuisines, like Italian and Chinese and even an American dish (jambalaya).


Each year, Boys & Girls Clubs of America hosts National Boys & Girls Club week. This year, we decided to celebrate all March long with Feature Programs we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to offer. Activities such as Mardi Gras, emergency preparedness, and St. Patrick’s Day will fill the calendar. Did you know that these and other daily programs are scheduled from 4:00 to 5:00 each afternoon? Please check with your member about days they want to stay at the Club and if they can work out with your family’s schedule.


Many members have been taking advantage of the homework room, which is open each day. Members can earn a ticket to go towards prizes. Last month, we had a Taco Bar where members could spend tickets on tacos, nachos, and other items. This month, our customary Prize Shop will be on Friday, March 24th.


Our members in 6th grade and above have continued using the Teen Room each day to work on homework and spend time away from younger members. Last month, the teens went ice skating and had a “cool” time. The February Teen Scene will be during Spring Break. Teen Tuesday is for members in 5th grade and above. This is a time on Tuesdays when older members can stay from 6-7:30 pm and are served a light meal prepared by Cooking Club.


Part of our mission is to help members become caring citizens, and part of that comes through our character programs, like K4K and Torch Club. This year, the members decided they wanted their project of helping kids in need to be “Cheeseburgers for Charity.” They planned a bake sale to raise money to take Happy Meals to Open Arms and do activities with the kids staying there. The members of this program are learning what service and leadership is all about. They are on their ways to starting a Great Future!